The National Library of Finland launches a new strategy for 2021-2030

The National Library of Finland’s new strategy for 2021-2030 sets equality, responsibility, and strengthening society’s knowledge base as central goals for the coming years. The strategy has a strong emphasis on openness, whether it is promoting open science or the openness of resources and services, as it is seen as a key in reducing inequality in society. Also sustainable development and life-long learning feature strongly in the strategic plan. 

The four strategic choices and development areas outlined in the strategic plan are: I. Cultural heritage for the common good, II. National Library at the heart of the academic community, III. National Library as a resource of Bildung and learning, and IV. Creating a powerful hub of expertise through network cooperation.

Read the original press release in English on the National Library’s website. You can also find more information on the National Library of Finland’s duties and strategy from their website.