Satakielikuukausi - Multilingual Month celebrates linguistic diversity

The Satakielikuukausi / Multilingual Month is an annual celebration of multilingualism that falls between the International Day of the Native Language (21.2) and the World Poetry Day (21.3). Satakielikuukausi has been celebrated in Finland since 2015 and in the Nordic countries since 2017 as Multilingual Month. During the month, we celebrate linguistic diversity and challenge everyone to look at the importance of native language and languages through art, encounters, and doing things together. 

The theme of the Satakielikuukausi includes happenings, online events, projects and news that deal with linguistic diversity in one way or another, or which are conducted in non-native languages in the Nordic countries. The Satakielikuukausi challenges to consider multilingualism in educational institutions, libraries, workplaces and at home.   

The co-ordinating body of the Satakielikuukausi in 2021 are Multilingual Library in cooperation with the Culture for All Service. 

See the whole program at the website Satakielikuukausi and read the blog at the festival’s Nordic website Multilingual Month


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