The libraries’ digital media project continues – public libraries play a key role in the project’s success

The reviews of the digital media project of public libraries are about to be completed, and the results are now available at However, the project will continue in September when new talent will be recruited for the pilot phase. In this continuation project, the role of local libraries will be emphasised as they are vital for the implementation of a shared e-library.

Photo of a person listening to an audio book.
Photo: Digital media project / Ella Tommila

In the reviews of the digital media project of public libraries, it is recommended that a ‘one-stop shop’ e-library have a shared umbrella organisation in charge of the materials, technologies and digital practices. However, the aim is to still preserve local agency, even for digital materials. 

In the future, local libraries need to be able to influence the collection previews and highlights of their area and receive up-to-date statistics on the e-library, among other features. Similarly, a customer service provision will be retained in everyone’s home library, at least partially: such services include instructions on use and acquiring login credentials for persons who do not wish to or are unable to get their credentials through strong authentication online. All of the recommendations are available in the summary of the review work.

It is vital for the project’s implementation that practices are designed together with public libraries. Cooperation with the publishing industry also remains important. Since the project involves several key fields of cooperation, communications will also be essential in the continuation project.

The project continues with piloting

Funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture was confirmed for the project on August 2021. The project will continue with a planning and piloting phase, which will involve designing the cooperation model and specifying and piloting the various aspects of the technological solutions.

To bring the project forward, new talent will also be recruited: a library network coordinator, cost and material coordinator, technology coordinator and communications coordinator. Please monitor the job postings and also tell your friends about open positions if you think they might be a good fit!

More information about the project (in Finnish):

Summary of the review work done on the project (in Finnish):

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Suvi Sivulainen
Project manager, Digital media project
Shared services of the library network, Helsinki City Library
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