A national literacy strategy will further literacy work in Finland

Plans to draw up a national literacy strategy for Finland has been set in motion early this year as the Finnish National Agency for Education set up a steering and a project group for the strategy work. One aim for the new strategy is to expand the scope of literacy promotion from children and young adults to people of all ages. The strategy will also have regional and municipal dimensions, as another aim is to support local institutions and structures which work in the field of literacy.

The planned literacy strategy thrives to expand and specify the guidelines, which have been directing the national programme for literacy, Literacy Movement’s (Lukuliike), activities. The Literacy Movement has been actively promoting specifically children and young adults’ literacy and coordinating nationwide literacy work since 2019.

The new strategy is being prepared in wide cooperation with different organisations in the field of literacy. Also, specialists as well as children and young people are being consulted throughout the strategy drafting process. The new national literacy strategy will be published by the end of 2021.

You can read more about the national literacy strategy on the Finnish National Agency’s press release in Finnish. You can also find more information on literacy work in Finland in English from the Literacy Movement’s website.