Helmet library challenges 2021 inspire for exploring new culture

The Helmet library Reading Challenge 2021 has been announced this week. The original challenge has multiplied into six subcategories, including movies, music and games.

All challenges are published in Finnish, Swedish, English as well as Russian.

Any person taking on the challenge gets 50 – or 25 – different criteria for choosing new reading, or watching, or listening, or playing, during the year 2021.

The seventh round of the Helmet challenges, originating from the Helsinki metropolitan area, has risen in popularity over the years across the country. Above all, the challenges encourage exploring for new cultural items and they can also be great fun. Members of Facebook groups, which are established for each challenge, discuss and share tips about new findings.

Helmet Challenges in English

(links to other languages provided at the bottom of the pages)

Helmet Reading Challenge for adults

Little Helmet Reading Challenge 

Helmet Music Challenge

Helmet Game Challenge 

Helmet Film Challenge 

Little Helmet Film Challenge