The project team for the e-library project has begun its work 

The development project of the joint e-library of public libraries, the e-library project for short (e-biblioteksprojektet in Swedish and e-kirjastohanke in Finnish), has started its shared work full-time and with the effort of all the members on 1 February 2022. 

Suvi Sivulainen, who acted as the Project Manager for the public libraries’ digital media service concept, continues as the Project Manager for this project. Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri from the Library Network services of Helsinki City Library is the owner of the project. 

In the top row from the left Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri, Suvi Sivulainen and Seija Laitinen-Kuisma. In the bottom row from the left Anna Tuomikoski, Joona Kutilainen-Pennanen and Marjo Haatainen.

Composition of the project team: 

Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri, Head of Library Network Services 

Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri (MSc, EMBA) has acted at the Helsinki City Library as the Head of Library Network Services since 2009 and she leads the e-library project. Nousiainen-Hiiri has previously worked at BTJ Finland, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa and Hämeenlinna Main Library. Throughout her career, she has worked with digital media and digital services in the public and private sectors.  

Suvi Sivulainen, Project Manager 

Suvi Sivulainen, Project Manager for the e-library project, is a coordinator and organiser in the creative sector. She has over 15 years of experience in different positions in arts and culture; she has worked as a project manager, contributed to festival productions and been part of an editorial team for art books. Suvi has an MA in digital culture. Suvi has also worked with technology at different kinds of media art and computer culture events, among others. She is especially interested in the digital practices and new approaches we are developing current day: the impact digital technology has on our society and the empirical world of individuals. 

Seija Laitinen-Kuisma, Project Specialist / library network cooperation 

In the e-library project, the library network cooperation is the responsibility of Seija Laitinen-Kuisma who has 30 years of experience in managing and developing libraries. Seija has a BSc in library science and informatics. Seija has acted as Chief Librarian at the Jyväskylä City Library since 2012. Her previous positions include Library Administration Assistant Manager in charge of the online services of Keski Libraries, Library Administration Manager in Laukaa and researcher at the Finnish Library Association. Seija has always been involved in network cooperation and has acted, alongside her official duties, in national positions such as a Member of the Boards of the Finnish Library Association and the Finnish Library Foundation, the committees working under the National Library of Finland and the Council for Public Libraries. Seija believes that libraries’ future looks exciting and she wants to be involved in the development of library services that have a significant role in the good, everyday life of people. 

Anna Tuomikoski, Project Specialist / publishing sector 

In the project, Anna Tuomikoski works as the Project Specialist for the publishing sector. Anna has previously worked as the communications manager of a consulting company, as a journalist and as an editor at a publishing house. Anna has an MA in Romance philology and literary studies. She has also completed the pedagogical studies of a subject teacher, has a degree in marketing and completed some business economy studies. Anna is also a personal trainer and yoga instructor.  

Joona Kutilainen-Pennanen, Project Specialist / technology 

Joona Kutilainen-Pennanen is responsible for the development work for the technical side of the coming e-library. Joona has a BBA in information technology, speaks fluent informatics and knows how to explain technical issues so that even a layperson understands them. His background is in live and online event production; he has worked as a planner, programmer and scriptwriter. 

Marjo Haatainen, Project Specialist / communications 

Marjo Haatainen is in charge of the e-library project communications. She has over 20 years of experience in communications and marketing duties in the library and culture sector. In 2018–2021, Marjo worked as the team leader in the team responsible for Helsinki City Library’s marketing and communications. Marjo graduated from YAMK as a cultural producer and has worked in cultural production for a few years. Marjo describes the e-library project as the “second Oodi” in her library communicator career, which means that the project is a very significant element in the library field. 

The email addresses of the members of the e-library project are in the format More detailed contact information is available at