Finnish Library Buildings

The Tritonia Academic Library

Tritonia was formed by combining the university libraries of the University of Vaasa and the units of Åbo Akademi University and Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa into a joint academic library on August 1, 2001.

Tritonia consists of a bilingual academic library and learning centre and its main users are researchers, teachers and students of the three universities, but it is also open to anyone seeking information. Tritonia provides technical and pedagogical education for the university staff and offers its customers both physical and virtual learning environments.

The name of the library
The Tritonia Academic Library
The name of the municipality/organization
The population of the community covered by the library
58 000
The location of the library
At the university campus
The library is
a new construction
The floor area
The library was opened in
Designed by

Architectural firm Käpy and Simo Paavilainen

The total expenditure of the construction
9.8 million euros