Finnish Library Buildings

Sauvo Public Library

In August 2005, Sauvo Public Library moved into the newly renovated old dairy.The library building also houses the municipal youth centre. By making use of and renovating the old buildings for new purposes the municipality has been able to preserve local history and create a village centre with multiple layers of buildings from different eras.

The dairy was closed in 1955. The property was then used for small industry until the municipality started redeveloping it into a library.

The library is located near the local schools and school pupils form the biggest user group of the library. It is a  meeting point, and the pride and joy of the locals. The programmes offered by the library are developed and planned in cooperation with local partners.

The exhibition space in the library can be booked for e.g. art exhibitions. The children's department has been designed to make it easy to rearrange the space for concerts and the like. Several music playschool groups meet weekly in the youth centre.

The name of the library
Sauvo Library
The name of the municipality/organization
Community of Sauvo
The population of the community covered by the library
3 000
The location of the library
In the municipal centre in a shared building with the youth centre, near the local schools
The library is
The floor area
The library was opened in
Designed by

Martti Kallinen, architect