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ARBA , Walford's , D.+B.Rare Book , D.+ B. Special Collection , World Cataloge , Publisher Directory. What are them? I need information about them. 10924
21.04.2008 ARBA is American Reference Books Annual: Walford's is a guide to different kind of reference material: World Catalogue is the world's largest network of library content and services: Publisher Directory is a directory of information about publishers. D.+B. Rare Book and D.+B. Special Collection are unfamiliar to me, but I think they are book catalogues.
You have changed the format of your site recently,so I am not able to renew the books I borrowed.Instruct me how I can do it online.Your new site is useless to… 9696
11.10.2012 Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the new HelMet. We are going to develop it further. You can renew your loans so: Login through HelMet web library The Login-link is top and in the middle of the website. You need your library card number and pin-code. Now you can see your loans. There is a renew-link in the left side of the loan. Choose the loans you are going to renew and click Renew selected loans -link. Answer "Yes" to the question "The following item(s) will be renewed, would you like to proceed?" Now you can see the new due date of your loans.
I am a member of the library. My library card is getting expired on 14-Dec-2012. How do I renew my library card. What is procedure. 9204
22.10.2012 It’s very easy to renew your library card. Just go to your local HelMet Library, and take your ID card or passport with you. There you can ask the library staff to renew your card by showing your library card and ID card or passport. If you have a Finnish social security number (“henkilötunnus”), they can add it to your library card, and after that there is no need to renew the card. If you don’t that number, you will have to renew your card in the future, too. You can find all the HelMet Libraries and the contact information at Welcome to renew your card!
I am a librarian from National Taiwan University Library. We received some journals from "Centre d’échange des publications scientifiques" for free of charge… 7243
10.07.2012 The address of The Exchange Centre for Scientific Literature (Tieteellisen kirjallisuuden vaihtokeskus) is Mariankatu 5, 00170 Helsinki. It is probably the right place for you. You can find contact information and also the website from the below:
Dear sir /madam 1. i want list of quality school books and magazines and where to obtain with reasonable cost on net or otherwise pescribed by international… 5932
13.06.2008 First I would like to acknowledge that this answer is provided by a librarian at the Helsinki City Library (in Finland). We do not have specialized information on the international baccalaureate curriculum, school libraries or software for school libraries. We can therefore only give recommendations for where you can find the exact answers. 1. To acquire an accurate answer to your first question I suggest that you visit the International Baccalaureate website ( You can e.g. log on to their Online curriculum centre ( or send in your question through their information service, 2. For information on the most popular school library software I suggest…
I'm an Italian collector of historical stats on cross country skiing and I'm looking for standings (more comprehensive than possible) of these Finnish races: -… 5721
16.10.2012 The statistic were found in sport magazines (in the Library of Sports) and Hiihtäjä -book. Library of Sports, . 15 km, 1972 Kuopio 1. Juha Mieto, Kurikan Ryhti 43,02 2. Juhani Repo, Iisalmen Visa 44,27 3. Osmo Karjalainen, Kuusamon Erä-Veikot 44,34 4. Reijo Hämäläinen, Tohmajärven Urheilijat 44,40 5. Martti I. Määttä, Kuhmon Kiva 45,13 6. Kalevi Laurila, Tampereen Poliisi-Urheilijat 45,18 7. Raimo Lehtinen, Oulujoen Kiekko 45,21 8. Heikki Koirikivi, Pyhäjärven Pohti 45,34 9. Risto Jokimies, Miehikkälän Vilkas 45,35 10. Timo Peteri, Sieppijärven Sisu 45,41 11. Aimo Isometsä, Alatornion Pirkat 45,47 Mikko Vuorimaa, IF Länken 45,47 13. Ossi Kuntola, Jurvan Urheilijat 45,49 14. Väinö Huhtala…
I'd like to ask you about the publisher's website of the following book. Arttu Manninen, Wege nach Wiborg: zum deutsch-multilingualen Sprachkontakt in Wiborg… 5554
11.04.2005 The book is a master's graduate thesis written at Tampere University, department of Germanic philology, 2000. The website of Tampere University is You can contact the secretariat of the department by email
I am writing a book about the history of the throws, i.e. shot put, discus, javelin and hammer. At this time I am asking questions about the historical… 5373
13.01.2010 There is an interesting book about the history of this sport in Finland, which contains also some history of the javelin itself. It’s name is Suuri suomalainen keihäskirja, es. Siukonen Markku, Pulakka Martti and Ahola Matti. Gummerus Jyväskylä 1991. Since the book is published in finnish, i try to find the most important infomation for you. Before the year 1907 the javelins used could differ a lot, also there were no common rules for throwing. In London 1908, where Eric Lemming won the javelin, the rules of the english Amateur Athletic Association ( AAA) were used. According to them, the javelin had to be 2,6 meters long and weigh 800 gr. It had to been wooden and have an iron point, and in the middle it had to have an ”handle” made by…
I'm a student at Foreign Languages Faculty. I must find information on the following topic "Linguistics and translation".It's about the relation between the 2,… 4567
27.10.2010 If you are searching the Helmet Web Library ( you have to use Finnish or Swedish subject terms. By using the subject terms kielitiede (linguistics) and kääntäminen (translation) you get the following titles entries: Kielen ja kulttuurin saloja: In honorem Pirjo Kukkonen 5.9.2009, Helsinki, Semiotic Society of Finland, 2009 (texts in Finnish, Swedish and English); Translation Universals : do they exist? Amsterdam/Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, cop. 2004; Tolkien, J.R.R. : The monsters and critics and other essays, London: HarperCollins 1997; Kieli ja tietokone: AFinLand vuosikirja 1996, Helsinki, Soveltavan kielentutkimuksen keskus (English, Swedish, Finnish). By using the subject terms kielitiede (…
I am looking for a book mostly regarding to fabric pattern, layout and color. May I get more information about book available in that specific topic? 4537
28.02.2012 Helmet libraries do have the following books in english: Baugh, Gail: The fashion designer's textile directory : the creative use of fabrics in design (London 2011)*fin New textile design (Köln 2010)*fin Dawber, Martin: New fashion print (London 2008)*fin Colchester, Chloë: Textiles today : a global survey of trends and traditions (London 2007)*fin Gillow, John: African textiles : colour and creativity across a continent (London 2009)*fin Fogg, Marnie: Print in fashion : design and development in textile fashion (London 2006) http://www.…
Dear librarians I'm a journalist in Switzerland, writing an article about libraries in Finland. I have a few questions to ask: 1. Finland has about 930 public… 4477
22.08.2001 The figure (930) you suggested is correct and does not - as you rightly surmised - include any of the university or research libraries or those of other institutes of higher education. As to the reason why Finnish people read as much as they do, it is very difficult to give any definitive answer. However, the nature of the Finnish education system which relies heavily on the services provided by the public library system may go some way of explaining the phenomenon. In other words, children learn to use libraries at a relatively young age. All this emphasises the fact that reading as such has always been highly valued in Finland. Also that fact that parents read to young children during the long and dark winter may likewise be a…
I would like to know about the program "Luku-Suomi", it ended in 2004, right? However, there are not many papers or reports about it in English. I need to… 3497
11.04.2008 Luku-Suomi ("Reading Finland") project was in years 2001-2004. The municipal libraries took part in the project by doing different projects with schools. They did mainly book talks or something similar. For example in 2001 Helsinki City Library organized Reading October -event in which librarians did book talks in schools and libraries for children aged 7-10. Different libraries participated to the project in various ways. In addition to book talks, librarians worked closely with schools as consultants. I found a couple websites in English about Raading Finland: 1.;443;4160;4681;42165;51564 2.,65535,77331,77333,77341
How can I find Ville Valo's email address?? Or HIM email?? 3407
23.06.2008 I suggest you should check Ville Valo's and HIM's homepage , and maybe register yourself as a Heartagram member to get further information about the performers. Their email address was not to be found, unfortunately.
Dear Sir! I'm doing research about VRS for NDL of Korea I want to know the below questions. 1. Structure of "Ask A Librarian" consotium 2. How many Libraries… 3397
19.11.2008 1. The Ask a Librarian is organised in the following way. The basic idea of the service is “Question meets expert”. It means that the person who feels he can give a good answer, answers. Of course the presence of special libraries stresses this aspect. We have a system that ensures that every question will be answered within three working days. The questioner gives his municipality of residence in the question form or chooses an answering library. The chosen municipality or library is shown in the answering application and the library in question in expected to answer. All participating libraries follow the questions coming in, bigger ones check every day the answering application, smaller ones get automatically an email when a question…
I am looking for information about A. Alariesto, the artist from lapland. Is there any references about him in English. I am especially interested in the… 3374
26.03.2002 Thank you for your question! A good connection for you is: She has written a book about Alariesto and is working at Rovaniemi art museum. The book with English summary is Andreas Alariesto 1900-1989, Ars nordica 6, 1994 (951-749-208-1) You can leave your question also at the northern net information service Lapponica There you find also a data base where you can search about northern items by your self.
Do you have the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie in the Finnish language? Even better, do you have this as an äänikirja in the… 3169
15.12.2011 In Finnish, the title is "Miten saan ystäviä, menestystä, vaikutusvaltaa". In HelMet libraries there are several editions of the book. You can check their availability in HelMet Web Library:*fin/?searchtype=t&searcharg=Miten+saan+y… Unfortunately, the book does not seem to exist as an audio book.
Who is the designer BJ Dahlquist ( or Dahlqvist) and when did he design furniture? 3126
21.04.2008 Do you mean Bjarne Dahlqvist? He is Finnish inventor and entrepreneur, who has started the famous furniture factory BD Möbel: We found no personal information about Bjarne Dahlqvist, but maybe you could ask directly from the company. Few months ago Finnish TV broadcasted a documentary about him. The documentary was called "Yrittaja Bjarne" and it was about him and his businesses in Estonia.
Who is Helena Vuorenjuuri? What is she known for? 3125
06.06.2008 Ms. Helena Vuorenjuuri is a Finnish journalist, most active in the 60's till 80's. She specialized in cook books and articles about food, drink and husbandry. She collaborated with her husband in a couple of books, to mention one Hyvää joulua (in English Merry Christmas). The Finnish composer Ilkka Kuusisto has composed a cycle of songs Suomalainen Vieraanvara (Finnish Hospitality) to recipe texts by Ms. Vuorenjuuri. I wish you success with your choice of repertoire.
I went to the Seurassaren Joulupolku yesterday. There were straw bundles on the trees, and animal shapes made of straw on the ground. What are their names in… 3108
14.12.2011 The bundle made of straw is called 'lyhde' or 'olkilyhde' in Finnish. It is traditionally for feeding birds in winter. For example in this website you can see a picture of olkilyhde: The animal shape is typically a billy coat and it is called 'olkipukki'. It is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration and is still popular in many homes. Some information about traditional Finnish christmas for example in this website: Information about The Seurasaari Christmas Path (Joulupolku) in English you can see here:
How looks the age distribution of the Ask A Librarian users? 3063
21.05.2008 There is no study about the age distribution of our users, the only knowledge about it relies on a questionnaire we made last year. The people who answered our questionnaire, where under 18 years 14% 18-35 21% 36-45 12% 46-55 26% 56-65 21% over 65 6% This tells off course firstly about who answers questionnaires, but also something about our users. As you can see the age distribution is quite even, whe have people asking questions from every age group. The is a power-point about the questionnaire, but it is in Finnish. It can be found under this page, which tells about our national meeting day , questionnaire slides…