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I am looking for library good practices in area of providing adult fiction reviews outside of Slovenia. So I am writing to ask you for some more information… 841 6.5.2014 We have a major project in this area, which was started a few years ago and which has already gained an audience among readers. It is a site called Kirjasampo, http://www.kirjasampo.fi . It is produced by public libraries. Kirjasampo includes information about fiction authors and their books, recencions on literature, new and older, and also advice how to find the books you are interested in at our public libraries. It is also possible for readers to write own reading recommendations in Kirjasampo. The books have been described with keywords and thus it it possible to search books about special themes and topics. Kirjasampo gathers also finnish literature blogs, http://www.kirjasampo.fi/fi/kirjablogit/uusimmat . Unfortunately the site…
I don't find the service from helmet about the option to chat with librarian online. Is this service not available anymore ? 914 10.4.2013 Thank you for your question. HelMet-chat was a trial last February. Let us hope that the service will continue later.
Does exist a synchronous digital reference service in Italy?? Thank you. 1620 23.1.2009 You have sent your question to the "Ask a librarian" service in Finland. Here we cannot have the best possible expertise concerning libraries in Italy. That is why I recommend for you to redirect your request to some italian library. There seem to be several services of the kind "Chiedi alla tua biblioteca": http://www.segnaweb.it/disciplines/00-chiedi-lla-tua-biblioteca.html