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Please translate the title of Ola Tungesvik´s book and also did he have any children from his first marriage? 1803 26.10.2009 Ola Tungesvik has written a book in 1997 called "Jos vain saan olla onnellinen...: tosi kertomus rakkaudesta". The title is said to be a quote of his second wife Seija dating back in 1965. Seija was describing her battle towards cancer in a TV interview. Loose translation of the title would be the following: If only I get to be happy ...: A true story about love. Ola tells in this autobiographical book about his almost magical love towards Seija. In the beginning of the book he says that he has one son from his previous marriage. The book ends with Seija's death. Gunnar Mattsson's book "Prinsessa" (Princess) from 1965 tells about the same person and was a smash hit in it's time. It seems that both Ola's and Seija's lives have been more or…
I know the story about Seija Mattsson from Ola Tungesvik whom I met in Jan.2003 in Tenerife where I spent my vacation. I tried to find English versions of all… 3350 12.12.2007 Ola Tungesviks book about Seija Mattsson was originally written in Norwegian ( Om jeg får vaere lykkelig…). The book has been translated to Finnish by the name Jos vain saan olla onnellinen…: tosi kertomus rakkaudesta by Tarja Teva 1999. Finnish Swede writer Gunnar Mattsson has also written about his wife Seija Mattsson (Prinsessan, 1965), and that book has been translated to English by the name The Princess.