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A catalan friend taught me about the existence of this catalan government webpage (I'm sending you here the link to the english webpage dealing with it) http:/… 767 There isn't any decent translator programs (Finnish to English, English to Finnish) that function on the public domain basis and are free for users. You can try the following service: The service is only a demo version and it accepts sentences, which has 60 or less characters. There is also an international site, which isn't working at the moment
I am searching for a complete list of which finnish authors (novels) who have been translated into danish! Can you please help me???? 853 Thank you for your enquiry. The complete list of Danish translations of Finnish novels and poems is listed on Finnish Literature Society's webpage. The database is maintained by FILI (Finnish Literature Exchange). The address is following: You should just choose "Tanska" (=Danish) from the "Käännöksen kieli" (=the language of translation) menu. Then you have to click grey button "Hae" (=search) below. As a result you will have all the Danish translations of Finnish literature from year 1845 to 2006. FILI has also new unfinished database that lists all the published translations from the year 2007. There is also English version of that new database: In…