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I'm looking for these books. Could I find them in a library? - Silfverberg Leena, Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja - Silfverberg Leena, Harjoituskirja suomen… 1111 You can search our catalogue here where you find the availability of the books in question. Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja Harjoituskirja suomen kielen jatko-opetusta varten At the moment there are several copies available in different libraries in Espoo. Opening hours Welcome to the library!
Dear Wonderful Librarian: I am an English-speaking student studying Finnish, and I was wondering if you could direct me to a list of books suitable for a… 838 I presume that you are writing from Minnesota. If so, how do you intend to acquire these books? We have an interlibrary loans department here in the Helsinki City Library. You can go to your local library and asked them are they willing to make these interlibrary loan requests from Finland. Postal costs can be inhibitive but if you are willing to make that investment, we are more than willing to send you these books. We have no ready list of these books, but books that would fall within the scope you described are called “selkokirjat” in Finnish, in other words, books with somewhat simplified syntax and vocabulary. You can go to our bibliographic database and by using the advanced search and write in the search field selkokirjat, then…