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In Turku public libraries, do teachers have to take 1st grade school children to the libraries to make children their library cards? In Helsinki, I think so… 40 18.10.2023 A first grader can get a library card with a library card application form that one of the parents/guardians has filled in and signed. A teacher can not sign the form on behalf of the parent/guardian. The form can also be found online on our website A child can get a library card when visiting a library with a teacher if they have the signed form with them. The card has to be retrieved from a library, we do not deliver them to schools.
I would like to know about the program "Luku-Suomi", it ended in 2004, right? However, there are not many papers or reports about it in English. I need to… 3903 11.4.2008 Luku-Suomi ("Reading Finland") project was in years 2001-2004. The municipal libraries took part in the project by doing different projects with schools. They did mainly book talks or something similar. For example in 2001 Helsinki City Library organized Reading October -event in which librarians did book talks in schools and libraries for children aged 7-10. Different libraries participated to the project in various ways. In addition to book talks, librarians worked closely with schools as consultants. I found a couple websites in English about Raading Finland: 1.;443;4160;4681;42165;51564 2.,65535,77331,77333,77341