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My kids(2.8y and 1.3y) and I are traveling to Helsinki during May 2-9. I am wondering if there is a library in Helsinki with toddlars playing/reading area… 859 In Helsinki there are several libraries that have a special children’s department, for example Pasila, Kallio, Töölö, Rikhardinkatu, Itäkeskus and Vuosaari libraries. Children’s departments have a large collection of fairytales and picture books in several languages as well as some toys and puzzles. Also smaller libraries without children’s department have books for children. More information you can find on Helsinki City Library’s web page (choose In English to get the English page).
I read about the libraries at finland, and I like to tell you that I like to contact the libraries at finland, may you tell me how can i begin with you? I like… 1390 There are hundreds of libraries in Finland, both public libraries and university or special libraries. The best place to start when looking for information on Finnish libraries is quite likely the web address . The web site is available in English language also. " provides access to Finnish Library Net Services under one user interface. The portal serves as a starting point especially for users seeking information about libraries, culture and information services. The services are meant to be every-day tools for library workers, but they are also available for anyone co-operating with or interested in library matters." From the subpage you can find many links to…
I have 1 book which is overdue and have to return back to Library 10 in Helsinki. Unfortunately I wont visit Helsinki on this month and would like to return it… 1229 You may return the library book by mail, the address to Library 10 is: Kirjasto 10 Elielinaukio 2 G P.O. Box 4200 If the book happens to get lost in the mail, it will be your responsibility to compensate for it by paying the compensation charge ordered by the owner of the book, the city library in question. Books can also be renewed three times either at our homepage or by telephone. To renew items through the Net you need a PIN code that you can only acquire by visiting a city library in the Helsinki region. The Library 10 telephone number is 09-31085000. Renewals cannot be made if you have unpaid library fees that exceed 5€.