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I am getting the message that you can not renew any item as your registration has expired. Please suggest the needful. 626 You should visit the library in person and take ID card with you. We'll then continue your registration and the renewals will function again. Sorry for your trouble! Find your library:
1. In which places in Finland can I study as a librarian? Where I can find some information/Link? 2.In Finland are the most libary users in europe! What do you… 1989 1. You can study information and library studies in many places in Finland depending on the level you want to reach. You can do higher level studies in three universities: Tampere, Oulu and Åbo Academy (=Swedish speaking uviversity in Turku).Tampere University is maybe the most wellknown of these. You can also do the business school level studies in Seinäjoki, Oulu, Vaasa, Turku and Helsinki. There are also various open university courses for basic level information studies after which you can continue your studies in the above mentioned places, but you have to pass the entrance exam. You can find the details in the following link. 2. Library is an old institution in Finland. The…
I have 1 book which is overdue and have to return back to Library 10 in Helsinki. Unfortunately I wont visit Helsinki on this month and would like to return it… 1234 You may return the library book by mail, the address to Library 10 is: Kirjasto 10 Elielinaukio 2 G P.O. Box 4200 If the book happens to get lost in the mail, it will be your responsibility to compensate for it by paying the compensation charge ordered by the owner of the book, the city library in question. Books can also be renewed three times either at our homepage or by telephone. To renew items through the Net you need a PIN code that you can only acquire by visiting a city library in the Helsinki region. The Library 10 telephone number is 09-31085000. Renewals cannot be made if you have unpaid library fees that exceed 5€.