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What is the best source of information when I need to know about electronic forms (e.g. those made with Word 2000)? 639 It seems that it would be best to acquire some html-editor program, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver and study related literature. They contain basic knowledge about electronic forms. The same goes with intranet which can be realized in so many ways that it cannot be answered here. You can search related information from library databases (e.g. Plussa in public libraries, with subject words: ”intranet”, ”sähköiset lomakkeet”, ”FrontPage” and ”Dreamweaver”.
Teen opinnäytetyötä Intranetista ja etsin englanninkielisiä lähdeteoksia aiheesta. Mm.Mikä on Intranet? Miten sellaisen voi kehittää ja miten ylläpitää? Siis… 551 Suurkaupunkialueen kirjastojärjestelmästä löytyy ainakin seuraavanlaisia kirjoja: Nielsen, Jakob: Designing Web usability, 2000; Pedley, Paul: Intranets and push technology - creating an information-sharing environment, 1999; Keen, Peter K. W.: The business Internet and Intranets - a manager's guide to key terms and concepts, 1998; Matthews, Martin S.: FrontPage 98 - the complete reference, 1998; Intranet resource kit (ed. by Prakash Ambegaonkar), 1997; Bremner, Lynn M.: Intranet bible, 1997; Thomas, Stephen A.: Building your Intranet with Windows NT 4.0. 1997; Bannan, Joan:Intranet document management - a guide for Webmasters and content providers, 1997; Official Microsoft Intranet solutions - using Microsoft Office 97 and…