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I am searching for library study programs in or around Helsinki for international students who don’t have a degree in this field. I wish to become a librarian,… 20 4.11.2019 You can find all educational possibilities from the (, unfortunately just in Finnish: At least in Universities of Turku and Oulu there it is an possibility to study also in English. For more information please contact the academy you are interested in.
I would like to make library work my career in Finland. I am currently working in a Finnish library as "määräaika" until the end of this year. I also worked 11… 856 3.9.2013 There is a list of institutions giving information and library services education at the web site Most of the degree programs take students at the annual application period but some giving information and library services apprenticeship training have continuous application. Apprentice should have or find the apprenticeship-employer by herself. A list of Finnish public libraries and there contact details are at the site and other libraries In Joensuu there are, besides the Joensuu regional library , University of Eastern Finland Library, Medical Library of the North…