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Is there any libraries in Finland that have a gaming room outfitted with 10+ gaming PCs? Thank you 49 22.5.2020 There are in Helsinki Central Library Oodi three rooms with console games and one game room with gaming computers. In these rooms there are 14 gaming computers. More information here: Obviously it is the only library with 10+ gaming PCs.  
Can I print out nordea bank statement? 1123 8.11.2016 You can use a customer computer for printing in any Helmet-library. It is possible - but usually not necessary - to reserve a customer computer online. The reservation system also monitors logging in to the computer. Logging in requires a PIN code that will be checked in the library system.… If You don't have a library card, take Your ID-card with You. The staff provides guidance in using computers, as needed.
Hallo, I've heard about the Senior Surf Day on October 8th. Do you have a short explenation about that event? And how many libraries took part in there? 770 27.11.2013 The Senior Surf Day has held in Finland for some years as a part of the senior citizens week. In that day the elderly people got to know the information technology (computers, smartphone, tablet computers and the services of internet) in many libraries and service centres all over the Finland. More than a hundred events was organized in 2013. In some places there was over a hundred participants and in some places just some. The event is organized by The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged (Vanhustyön keskusliitto). You can see the libraries and and service centres from the website of the Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged. Unfortunately the print is just in Finnish or Swedish:
Dear Madame, Dear Sir, I have a question about Finish library statistics. I found the website with a lot of information. I was wondering if there… 1024 20.11.2012 We have a public library statistics -database, but it does’nt include statistics about Internet access in libraries anymore. We had figures on our pages in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we do’nt give those figures anymore, because all public libraries have Internet access (this fact is stated ex.g. on the site of the Ministry of Education and Culture). We can somewhat safely conclude that atleast almost all if not all public libraries provide internet access and computers for their customers. Ministry of Education and Culture The question about WiFi-connections is more difficult. We do'nt have a listing made by libraries. On a service available in the Net…
Can I use the computer and printer if I am not a member of the library (visitor)? 894 17.7.2012 Yes, you can use library's computer and printer in any library even though you're not member of the library. We can make a visitor reservation for you if you have your ID's with you.
How can I buy an ipad in finland or delivered to finland? 1264 15.6.2010 According to IT news sources Apple iPads won't be available in Finnish stores until August or later this year. Some Finnish customers have bought iPads from abroad. However, the product availability even in the US stores, or in other countries, has been quite limited because of supply shortage. Bloomber Businessweek says that "the shortage may stem from difficulty in getting enough of the touch screens used in the tablet computer". Sources:………