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I'm looking for complete results (more than possible) of these old ski races. Could you help me, please? -12/03/1967 15 km Gamlakarleby Kokkola FIN -13/03/1967… 320 I asked the results from the Sports Museum of Finland (Suomen urheilumuseo: ). They have the archive of Suomen hiihtoliitto:  Unfortunately they don't have the results of the year 1967. Here are their contact information if you want to ask more:  urheilumuseo(at)      
How are you? I'm pleased to know your city library because your library has a lot of wonderful qualities to be an excellent library. First of all, I'm not a… 1045 I am glad to hear that you are interested in Helsinki City Library. First of all, I wonder which page you were looking at to find the information you mentioned. Perhaps it was the home page of Helsinki City Library ( ) . This may sound a little complicated, but I will try to help you understand the points you mentioned. Helsinki City Library consists of the Main Library and 38 branch libraries. The Main library is situated in Pasila district about three kilometres from the city centre. It has the largest collections and also houses the administrative departments of whole Helsinki City Library. The branch libraries are situated in different areas all around the city. In addition to these, Helsinki City Library…