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What are stats in Finland for deaths related to pregnancy toxemia? It is 6.4 per 10,000 in US 176 There were five maternal deaths related to high blood pressure disorders of pregnancy between 1998 and 2017 in Finland, all of which were due to pre-eclampsia: Source: Statistics Finland, Causes of death (, database table 11bv -- Deaths by underlying cause of death (ICD-10, 3-character level), age and gender, 1998-2017. Here is the number of parturients in Finland between 2007 and 2017: parturients 2007–2017. Source: National Institute for Health and Welfare, Parturients and delivery procedures.
May I please know how and where can I access the latest information about the refugees and migrants in Finland and in particular in Turku? Thank you. 495 Statistics on asylum and refugees are compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service:… Information on immigrants living permanently in Finland can be found on Statistics Finland's website: Information on immigration can also be found on Statistics Finland's statistics on migration:   Please note that the statistics compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service and Statistics Finland are not comparable. Asylum seekers and refugees will show in Statistics Finland's population statistics only if they have been granted an asylum and have a permanent place of residence. Also, there is…
Please do me a favor and let me know where to find an online (or offline) list or directory of Finnish libraries that might be interested in buying books,… 958 You can find lists of Finnish libraries (public libraries, research libraries, special libraries) in the -site. Information about libraries can be found in the Libraries-channel. contains also other information about Finnish libraries and the library system in Finland.
Kindly let me have a list of books on the contemporary general history and anthropology of Finland, in English. Statistics also is most welcome: as to the… 407 Here are a few books where you can find general information about Finland: - Facts about Finland (several editions) - Finland. A cultural guide, ed. Pirkko-Liisa Louhenjoki-Schulman – Kaius Hedenström. 2003 Keuruu. Landscapes of Finland. Heikkilä, Tapio- Timonen, Risto. Keuruu 2003. Finland. - The Northern Experience, New Europe, and the Next Millennium. Helsinki 1999. - De Vries, André, Live and work in Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Oxford 2002. There are also a few interesting Internet-sites available and . Statistics Finland publishes Cultural Statistics yearbook. The newest version is from 2001. Please look at the following link:…
Yellow Pages-Finland 786 Hello, The web address of Yellow Pages in Finland (Keltaiset Sivut) is as follows: The service is in Finnish language. Names and addresses of enterprises and establishments by NACE code is available from Statistics Finland, Register of Enterprises. The service is available for payment. For further inquiries: