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Is there any possibility to ask about job? I'm from other country, but I want to move to Finland. 194 20.12.2021 You can find information about working in Finland for example here:…   If you are interested particularly in library jobs, here's one earlier answer to question about library education:…
Whether use the Finnish libraries still the traditional card catalogue which would duplicate the contents of the electronic catalogue? 180 13.3.2006 In Lahti City Library there is only online catalogue (no cards). We cannot say for sure what the situation is in other libraries in Finland. However, we found a figure from 2002 stating that 97% of the public libraries were computerized. You might find these links to Finnish library information useful:
Can you tell me what kind of books that story about virtual librarian? 643 25.7.2002 I didn't quite understand the question but if you are interested in books that tell about virtual libraries and their development in general you might want to check books conserning library science (called "kirjastotiede" in finnish). For example these books tell about the subject: - Borgman, Christine L.: From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure. 2000. - Laverna M. Saunders (ed.): The Evolving Virtual Library. 1999. - William Y. Arms: Digital Libraries. 2000. Virtuaalikirjasto, finnish virtual library, can be found in the Internet . There is also some general information about virtual libraries (see "Help" and "General instructions"). Other virtual libraries can be…