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What is public library all about? The management and services? 127 9.2.2006 The public library is an institution provided usually by a state, city or municipality. Public library services are provided equally for all citizens or inhabitants of a certain area (state, city, commune etc.) regardless of age and economical, social or cultural background. The aim is to give people access to knowledge, information, education, recreation and experience by means of literature, audio- or audiovisual recordings, IT-services and different forms of personal information service. Public library services may also include occasional art exhibitions, educational presentations, musical or literary performances and so on. In practice, this means that the library users may borrow books and other material from a library or read/listen…
Which library in Helsinki has the most english books to choose from? 161 8.2.2006 Welcome to Rikhardinkatu library if you want to choose your book from a library with many books in English. According to a annual survey for the public libraries in Helsinki in 2005 the main library, Pasila, had 22.426 books in English. The main library is however closed for renovation. Rikhardinkatu library came second in the survey with 18.631 books in English. Here is a direct link to our homepage
I would like to know if there exist any language course books for children who would like to learn finnish. Kiitos 737 2.2.2006 There is a book ”Juttuja ja tuttuja: suomea toisena kielenä seitsemäsluokkalaisille, by Paula Konsti, Helsinki, Opetushallitus 2003 (text book for about 13 years old children who are lerning Finnish as a second language). There are also some cdroms like “Eka kieliromppuni: suomea” and “Opi suomea! lapsille”. Maybe you could also try some ABC-book meant for Finnish speaking children, there are several of them, for example Kallioniemi, Tuula: Sukkelat sanat:esiopetuksen aapinen. Also you could try some Finnish picture dictionary, for example Lappalainen, Ulla: Aamu, suomen kielen kuvasanakirja maahanmuuttajille, esiopetukseen, päiväkoteihin, erityisopetukseen, kotikäyttöön . Then there are many books to learn Finnish actually meant for…
I am looking for nformation about anarchism! Please send me if you have something. 837 21.1.2006 You will find lots of information about anarchism on the net by using google, for instance( Cheque, please:
I am curious how they excavated the rock to build Temppeliaukio church, particularly did they blast it with explosives? I'm curious since the location is in… 113 17.1.2006 The Temppeliaukio church was completed in 1969 and it is one of Helsinki's main turist attractions.The architecs Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen won the preceeding achitectural competition in 1961, and their idea was to to cover a free-form rock excavation with a mathematical dome. For exact information on the excavation please contact the secretary of the Finnish Tunnelling Association, Jouko Ritola. You may also find the links on the Tunnelling Association's homepace useful, see There is a book by Maila Mehtälä called "Temppeliaukio", with what seems to be exact data on the excavating work. According to this source 12.400 solid cubic metres of bedrock was excavated. 4.100 kg dynamite, 3.500 detonating cord and 6.550…
I am a distant cousin of your former Prime MInister, Kalevi Sorsa. Can you give me Kalevi's grandfather's name, and place of birth? Thank you for your… 99 9.1.2006 There is a Genealogical Society in Finland, with the best possibilities to answer your query. Please check
Are the birth and death dates of the writer Kaarle August Hilden availible in some reference work? He was the author of: Palestiinassa; Matkamuistelmia. 132 31.12.2005 There is a book in Helsinki University Library: Nurmi, Jari: Karl August Hilden 1853-1924: helsinkiläinen vaikuttajapappi. 1979. This Karl Hilden was a priest and I believe and hope that he was the person you are searching.
Could you tell me about history of Finland or suggestion web site.Thanks. 765 20.12.2005 Here are a few links where you can find information about history of Finland:
I am looking for a published work of the play written by Adolf Paul called "King Christian II" (König Kristian II). I believe it was published around 1898. … 163 18.12.2005 König Kristian II : Schauspiel in fünf Akten was published by Lübeck : Lübcke & Hartmann, in 1899. A second edition was published in 1903 by Breitkopf & Härtel. This is said to be a new and complete german edition. A swedish edition, Kung Kristian den andre : skådespel i fem akter was also publised in 1899 by Alb. Bonnier. These books belong to the national collection of the finnish national library, the Helsinki University Library, and can only be read there in the reading rooms. You night be interested in purchasing this book and then a list of Antiquarian booksellers night be useful. Please see below,
I wonder if the library has service for copying all book and binding it. I am interesting copying book that I borrowed from the library since it is not… 832 17.12.2005 You can make copies in all libraies at 0,30€/page. If you want somebody to do it for you, the cost amounts to 1€/page. We have no binding service. Have you tried the old books shops? You might find your book that way. Below find a link to antiqurian bookshops in Helsinki,
We need to find Finnish air charter Companies or Operators so we could freight a small plane to come to Russia and then back to Finland. 186 14.12.2005 Below, please, find to links to charter companies in Finland At the Helsinki-Malmi airport, contanct information belove, charter companies do operate. Please, contact the airport,
What are the key words that can be used in the turism area? 122 8.12.2005 The best way to find out keywords in tourism would be to consult different homepages, eg… Librarians use keywords but they are few and that would not help you.
I am looking for one book and I have tried to search on-line for it but with no success. Could you please help me to find out if the book could be found at all… 153 5.12.2005 Your book can obviously not be found in Finland, but you may want to consider making an interlibrary loan. The interlibrary loans are not free of charge, as you can read on the page Please contact any of the public libraries in Helsinki for making the interlibrary loan.
I am trying to find any information on a person I have been told was the conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic. This person's last name was Garagusi and he… 563 29.10.2005 Mr Einari Marvia and Mr Matti Vainio have written/edited the book about the history of Helsinki Philharmonic: "Helsingin kaupunginorkesteri 1882-1982" (WSOY 1993, ISBN 951-0-18312-1). I browsed briefly through the book but I couldn't find any mentioning of a person by the name of Garagusi there, I'm afraid. My advice for You is to try to contact the administration of the orchestra directly. They propably have some more detailed archives/files of their own and can possibly help You to locate the longed-for Garagusi there, if he should have visited the orchestra as a guest conductor, for example. The homepages of Helsinki Philharmonic are located at:
For months I have been looking on the Internet for places where I could buy neem contraceptive products. Are there doctors in Finland who are knowledgeable… 120 17.10.2005 As you have noticed yourself, it's quite hard to find information about neem contraceptive products. There is a list of links concerning alternative medicine in this address: Perhaps you can find there some further information about these products, and places where to buy them. You can also visit the homepage of Finnish Medical Association. You can ask there if they know any doctors, who can tell you more about these contraceptive products.
I want to know more information about practise technologies in Helsinki City Library.....such as computers, data bases, disks and others. 507 17.10.2005 Have you already visited websites of Helsinki City Library ( )? There is quite a lot of information on the subject of your inquiry. Information about databases for customers' use you'll find here . The list of databases and book catalogues is on this site . About computers and other equipment: . Check especially the link "workstations". About the library system used in Helsinki metropolitan area libraries:…
How many of cities and libraries in Finland ? 131 15.10.2005 Please note public library statistics on the following link Statistics concerning research libraries will be found at the following link.… Early this year 2005 there was 114 cities and 432 municipalities in Finland.
Where do i find the traditional dance in Finland? 899 26.9.2005 You can find information about the finnish folk dancing e.g. in the pages Folk dancing of Virtual Finland, . You might study following books Old Finnish folk dances / edited by Sari Heikkilä ; [illustration by Timo Hukkanen]. Helsinki : Suomalaisen kansantanssin ystävät, 1988. Collan, Anni, Dances of Finland / Anni Collan and Yngvar Heikel ; [illustrated by Valerie Prentis]. London : Max Parrish & Company, 1950. You could also contact The Finnish Dance Information Centre, and Finnish folklore association, fur further information.
For a book about the great pianist Sviatoslav Richter, I'm looking for the exact name (in finnish language) of the Theatres or Concert Halls where he played in… 227 26.9.2005 Sviatoslav Richter's concerts in Finland have been arranged by Fazer Artists' Management Inc. Please contact them by e-mail, they have the information you need in their archives. The address is
I am Japanese, and new MFA student of KUVATAIDEAKATEMIA from this Autumn term. I am going to study Finnish by taking Finnish course in my University, but I… 128 9.9.2005 There are English courses available in Helsinki Metropolitan Area libraries. These “packages” consist of textbooks and compact discs. The loan period is 4 weeks. You can browse the material available in the address Select “keyword search”. Use the keywords englannin kieli kielikurssit and choose the material type compact disc. You may also contact the Language Centre of Helsinki University. They arrange English courses for foreign students. You’ll find information in the address