Donate your heartbeat for art’s sake at a library near you

12 March 2012 08:12

Libraries are places where anything and everything can happen. That is why the contemporary art festival IHME (Miracle, in English translation) has chosen four Finnish public libraries as its venue. The annual IHME Days are organised by the Pro Arte Foundation Finland. The Foundation invites an internationally recognised visual artist to create a contemporary work of art in a public space. The IHME artist of 2012 is Christian Boltanski whose work, The Heart Archive began already in 2005. The aim of the art project is to collect the sounds of human heartbeats for an archive in Japan. The archive grows each time the project is carried out in a different part of the world.

This year Finnish heartbeats will join the sounds already collected in Sweden, France, the UK, Australia, the USA and Korea. The heartbeats will be recorded at the same time in March in Helsinki, Joensuu, Rovaniemi and Vaasa at the public libraries, natural gathering spaces for the locals.


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