Broader co-operation for enhanced library service

10 April 2012 08:33

From the beginning of May, library users in the Turku area will be able to access a collection of more than 2 million items and more e-resources than today. The library web services will be more diverse and allow a greater degree of interactivity: leaving feedback and taking part in developing the services will be easier than before. The Vaski district library will also migrate into a new library system, Aurora by the Swedish Axiell Group.

The improvements are a result of a widening collaboration as the co-operative district grows from 9 to 17 municipalities with 44 libraries. The need for several library cards will be history as the 17 public library collections merge into one. Users can also request for materials to be sent to their own local library without charge and return their loans to any member library. The libraries will open their doors again on 2nd May and the new Vaski website and union catalogue will be available at

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