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Do you have a national chat-service in the library in Finland? 2151
20.11.2008 We are planning a national library chat-service, but it has'nt been published yet. At present we have only local services in Finland.
I would like to ask if it is possible to reserve a book if now it is not in the library, so as when it comes back I could be sure to get it. Thank you! 194
05.09.2017 You can reserve material either at the library or in Your record at To make a request Yourself You need to have a PIN code. You will receive a notice concerning reservations ready for picking up by a letter or email, or by ordering a text message subject to a charge. If You don't have yet a personal Helmet library card, You can get at any Helmet library or mobile library…
Why the Kirjasto 10 called 10? 439
11.08.2015 Library 10 is located at Postitalo, which used to be the main post office of Helsinki. The building is not anymore owned by Posti but it still contains a post office on its ground floor. The post office has been commonly known as "Helsinki 10" because the postal code for city center of Helsinki is 00100. Library 10 is located on upper floor of "Helsinki 10". That’s why the name "Library 10" was chosen.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a student of library and information science at the HTWK, Germany and need to find information about the Lööw special… 1316
31.10.2012 Lööw-classification is a joint tool in the Northern Sami bibliography at Sami bibliographies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. It was developed by the Norwegian librarian Anders Lööw for the joint Saami search. Hope we'll get it in near future in internet. See here:
My english not good and I will try to tell. There is a my homework. It is reference resources in religion studies. Can you help me. which most populer… 1202
16.10.2012 Here are some books about world religions. I hope they will be of use to you. - World religions : a historical approach / S. A. Nigosian (2008) - World religions : the illustrated guide / general editor: Michael D. Coogan (2003) - Britannica encyclopedia of world religions / [consulting editor Wendy Doniger] (2006) There is also a packege of information on the website of BBC:
I am researching the 1934 wedding in Port Germein , South Australia, of Barbara Strachey, an English woman, to Olaf Hultin, said to be the son of the Professor… 750
04.03.2011 I am sorry to say that we could not find any direct answers to your question. Probably the wedding was not as enormous publicity event in Finland as in Australia. Some information of the father of Olaf Hultin, Arvid Hultin, we found rather easily - for instance, he was not a professor at classics, but a librarian in the University Library of Helsinki (or National Library of Finland, as it is nowadays called) and in addition a researcher of literature. It might be possible that the National Library might have some archives of their former employees and there might be more information on his descendants. The contact information of the National Library can be found here: Furthermore, if the…
How many School has its own school library? Also, I heard about there are some public libraries which are in School buildings. How many of them are there in… 2698
16.06.2008 General information on school libraries in Finland, including budgets, pedagogics and administration, can be found at;443;4160;4681;42165;51564 You may also find below link intresting…… There is an organization for school libraries and you find it useful to contact the at Finnish School Library Association Huvilinnanaukio 2A14 FI-02600 Espoo Finland
I need a pattern according to whicth I can offer "ask a librarian" service in reference section of my library. I live in Iran I want to know whitch libraries… 1883
21.04.2006 I'm afraid that your specific question about iranian libraries offering an Ask a librarian -service is too difficult for me to answer, since i can't read arabic letters and can not therefore search the websites of iranian libraries. It might be a good idea to ask for assistance in the National library of Iran, . There is an international Ask a librarian service, that migt be able to help you . In Sweden there is a multilingual Ask a librarian -service, they do not yet offer service in arabic, but they are planning to do so, maybe they could help you in your search. The address is . I can tell you…